Hold Elected Politicians Accountable


It’s an old joke – How do you know a Politician is lying?  His or her lips are moving!

It has been said, “Washington is corrupt and corrupting.  It is a corrupt system of giving, taking, horse trading and backroom deals often primarily to the financial or political benefit of Elected Politicians and not to overall good of the US.       

Look at the US Tax Code, the primary source of revenue for the US. It is overly and unnecessarily complicated. Even well-educated taxpayers cannot complete their tax returns and properly compute their taxes. It is filled with loopholes and special deductions for special interests. These special interests are often big contributors to Elected Politician and/or can influence voting blocks where their interest may diverge from the US or be unfair to other taxpayers.

Washington is corrupting in that it is difficult to succeed there without becoming part of “the old boy network.”  Some capable, well-intended individuals have been elected to office only to witness the true realities and conflicts of Washington. Frequently, an Elected Politician needs to compromise principles and go along to get along or leave town!