How Gross was Their Management? Really Gross!!

We believe, few may argue that Elected Politicians have grossly mismanaged US finances. For decades, they have known they have been spending more of your money than they have collected and have been making more promises that you will pay something in the future without any money at aside to pay for it.  Managing finances is basic math – they failed basic math!

Social Security Trust Fund Elected Politicians have mismanaged matching contributions made by Taxpayers with benefits to be paid to recipients.

They were grossly negligent since it was not a secret that a large percentage of the US population was rapidly getting older, people were living longer and there were smaller numbers of workers to contribute to the system. And, these aging people had been told they could rely Social Security

Medicare Similiar to Social Security, Elected Politicians have known that a large percentage of the population was aging, that technology was helping them to live longer and that the cost of medical treatment was skyrocketing. Yet, knowing this, Elected Politicians were grossly negligent in their management of the fund to cover these costs.

Wars Elected Politicians got US into multiple wars we never should have been in. Actually, the longest and most costly in US history. They made the situation worse and don’t have an honorable way out. They had no plan or way to pay for these wars other than borrowing the money.

Tax Code They structed the US tax code to so that it extremely complicated and difficult for taxpayers to understand.