Our Goals

Our Goal is to make simple explaining the current $20 Trillion Debt and the $100 Trillion plus in Future, Unfunded Liabilities and to get your thoughts – since you will be paying for this! Hopefully, between us, we can rationally discuss and offer viable solutions. Along the way it will be good to educate our fellow taxpayers about these problems and get their thoughts on how to solve these problems.

The bottom line is that Elected Politicians for years have been spending more money than we are paying in taxes. This overspend is called the Annual Deficit. When they do this they need to borrow money which is called Debt. Each year the Annual Deficits gets added to the Debt and the Debt amount gets bigger and bigger. It’s really that simple. Why they overspend each year is a bit more complicated. To try to make it simple we will:

      1. Inform you of the $20 Trillion, and growing, Debt Elected Politicians have incurred using your credit.
      2. Inform you of the approx. $100 Trillion plus in unfunded, future obligations Elected Politicians have obligated you to pay.
      3. Explain How they mismanagement of the finances of the United States
      4. Explain Why they did it.
      5. Make it simple. Elected Politicians will tell US how complicated this issue is. Yes, it may be, but only because they as an institutions did not address and correct it timely and do not want to deal with it.
      6. Which Elected Politicians caused this mess – it’s up to them to fix it
      7. Engage you by getting your suggestions on how to hold them personally accountable for their gross negligence and mismanagement of our country’s finances, often to their individual benefit, and the expected damage to your financial future.