If You See Something – Say Something


We often hear, “If You See Something, Say Something.”  Give us your thoughts to grow this list.

Here’s what we see:

Partisan, Elected Politicians are at best misleading US and at worst out right lying to US.

Elected Politicians, past and present, have done this to: 1) deny their involvement, culpability, or responsibility, 2) to embarrass the other side with the hope of securing more political power, 3) to gain favor with one group for donors, voters or for party or group political expediency, 4) to self-promote by getting on television or in the newspaper.

These misleading statements, or lies, are so commonplace today that it’s difficult to keep track of them. Often, we forget them. It is possible that one day these Elected Politicians will be held accountable, possibly prosecuted, for these facilities and for selfishly putting their interest ahead of the best interest of US.

Help US compile list of misleading statements (which include “Alternative Facts”) ,or outright lies,

Let’s start:

  1.  President’s Economic Plan

The President, an Elected Politician, has promised a quick reduction in US Debt to zero in 8 years, without reducing Social Security benefits.

Only time will tell if this is true, an outright lie or just one more misleading statement.  No credit will be given for reducing taxes and increasing spending – anyone can do that. The only achievement is fulfilling the stated commitment to quickly reduce the Debt to zero.  We will not wait for 8 years to access success. It will be impossible to achieve this commitment if substantial reductions in Debt are not realized in each year of the first term of the President. The President deserves a chance to succeed.

  1. The US has one of the highest Corporate “marginal tax rates” in the world at 35%.  

Elected Politicians want to mislead US by claiming the high corporate tax rate is putting Us at a competitive disadvantage and Corporate taxes must be lowered.

The statement is factual but without context it is misleading. The reality is US Corporations paid between 10% and 28% depending on the industry and its ability to garner Tax Preferences” (aka loopholes) from contributions to Elected Politicians. Large, profitable US Corporations paid US income taxes of approximately 12.6%. For every dollar of income tax the US Treasury collected individuals paid 80% and corporations paid 20%.

Now do you think US corporations are over taxed?


  1. I’ll release my tax returns after the IRS audit.

Politician Trump publicly and repeatedly promised US that he would make public his tax returns after audit . Elected Politician Trump Once elected he refused to do it. He lied.

Many believe he should keep his promise and that full disclosure would identify conflicts, or potential conflicts of interest including any benefit he may gain while in office for himself or one of his many companies.

In addition he proudly proclaimed he is smart for not paying taxes. How can the US fund operations and pay off Debt if smart people are not paying taxes?


  1. President Trump’s tweet – 2/25 – the media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion versus a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.

This is misleading for a few reasons including 1) Obama inherited a disastrous post 2007/08 financial crisis while Trump inherited a significantly stable economy and absent unprecedented actions an Elected Politician cannot impact the Debt in the first month in office.