Documentaries and Videos

There have been a few thoughtfully developed documentaries commissioned and videos created to educate US about the buildup and dangers in the size of our Debt.


I.O.U.S.A. is a 2008 American documentary film that focuses on the shape and impact of the United States national debt. The film features Robert Bixby, director of the Concord Coalition, and David Walker, the former U.S. Comptroller-General, as they travel around the United States on a tour to let communities know of the potential dangers of the national debt. The tour was carried out through the Concord Coalition, and was known as the “Fiscal Wake-Up Tour.”

Overdraft – Published on Aug 27, 2012 is a public television documentary sponsored by the Travelers Institute that presents a compelling explanation of America’s federal debt crisis, how it impacts American’s lives, and choices to address the problem.


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